Air Pictorial 1991-11
M.Ashley - La Patrouille ECCO AP exclusive interview
The Patrouille team leader, Jacques Bothelin, prepares his aircraft for a fine flying display.
The pilots of the 1991 Patrouille ECCO pictured beside their aircraft prior to their display at Bournemouth. From the left: Jacques Bothelin, Michel Hugo Veran, Pascal Aubert and Jean-Louis Jordano.
The green grass of Badminton's private strip complements two of La Patrouille's PC-7s as they accelerate for take-off.
The four Pilatus PC-7s of La Patrouille ECCO in action against the azure blue skies over the South Coast.
Making smoke over the Bournemouth skies at this year's airshow
La Patrouille ECCO in its unique vertical stack formation. Not even the compressed effect of a telephoto lens belies how close the PC-7s fly.
Two of the team's PC-7s perform their dramatic Roulette cross-over at Badminton
Forerunners to La Patrouille ECCO the three PC-7s flew in the colours of Martini Racing, seen here taking off from Middle Wallop for the International Air Show '90.