Air Pictorial 1991-11
R.Jackson - Airport Movements
The joint venture airline Heavylift - Volga Dnepr's Antonov AN-124 CCCP 82042 arrived at Stansted on 7/9/91. One of its first cargoes was three 33 ton excavators which were flown to Kuwait to assist in fighting the oil fires
Air Gambia's Boeing 707-323B EL-AKC at Gatwick on 4/9/91.
Pictured approaching Gatwick on 20/9/91 Boeing 707-331C OD- AGS is leased to Kuwait Airways by Lebanese cargo carrier Trans Mediterranean Airways
An unusual visitor to Liverpool on 30/9/91 was CSA's Tu-154M OK-TCB. The passengers on the flight to Prague were members of an orchestra
Former Swiss Air Force Vampire T.55s N391RH, ex U-1220, and N935HW, ex U-1213, routed Cranfield-Newcastle-Stornaway on 16/9/91