Air Pictorial 1991-11
A.Pearcey - Changing face of peace
The powerful McDonnell F-4C served with the 81st Tactical Fighter Wing from 1965. Photo depicts F-4C-17-MC 63-7446, F-4C-16-MC 63-7426 and F-4C-18-MC 63-7524 in flight.
The 81st TFWg lion insignia is evident on the side of the engine intake on this McDonnell F-4C-25-MC 64-911 'WT' from the 92nd TFSq. The type served the wing from 1965.
Seen in the static park at RAF Leconfield on September 20, 1952, for the Battle of Britain display is North American F-86A-7-NA 49-1209 from the 92nd Fighter Interceptor Squadron. It was named "El Terror" and its pilot was Major Jack B Owen.
This McDonnell F-101C-20-MC Voodoo 54-1491 was the personal aircraft of the Commander 81st TFWg and is seen at Bentwaters during 1960. It carries the insignia of the wing and all three squadrons - 78th, 91st and 92nd.
The Republic F-84F Thunderstreak followed the F-86 Sabre with the 81st in 1954. Depicted is F-84F-35-RE 52-6480 seen at Eglin AFB, Florida, prior to being allocated to a USAF unit.