Air Pictorial 1992-01
G.Jones - Comanche: a blast from the past
Commanche Formation: getting it together against a backdrop of Guernsey's rocky southcoast
Not all Comanche's are well looked after as this dilapidated PA-30 Twin 160 AN-BMG (c/n 30-229) registered in Nicaragua shows.
The business end of a Comanche 260C N9469P, with its turbo-charged IO-540 engine.
"How the West grass was won" An impressive line up of Comanches with outgoing "chief" Adriaan Grandia's Dutch Comanche 250 nearest the camera. Next to it is Colin Matthews 260B and they were pictured at the European Comanche Tribe's fly-in.
One of the more recent stream of Comanche and Twin Comanche imports to Europe is G-BRXW a 260 (c/n 24-4069 ex N8621P).
One of the first British Comanche 180s G-ARHI, still in its original 1950s style colour scheme. It is based at Swansea.
This El Salvadorean registered 250 YS-282P (c/n 24-2414) was a long way from home when photographed in Florida.