Air Pictorial 1992-01
J.Gerritsma - A Caribou tale
DHC-4A C-GVYZ, c/n 97, of Kelowna Flightcraft Air Charter of Canada. This is the former C-1 of the Kuwait Air Force.
Typical gull-wing appearance of the Caribou is obvious in this head-on shot.
DHC-4 Caribou CC-108, serial 5321, c/n 10, of the Canadian Armed Forces. This aircraft went to the Tanzanian Air Force in 1971 as 9011.
DHC-4A Caribou FM1113, c/n 296, of the Malaysian Air Force.
DHC-4A Caribou A4-204, c/n 204, of the Royal Australian Air Force.
DHC-4 Caribou CV-7 of the USAF. Serial is AF60-5430, c/n 20. Note the serrated dividing line between the camouflage and the white underside of the fuselage.