Air Pictorial 1992-02
K.Wixey - "Whistling death": Chance Vought's F4U Corsair
A good shot of the XF4U-1 on test. Note the cockpit canopy is further forward than on later models in which the fuel tank was repositioned.
Equivalent to the US Navy F4U-4, this Royal Navy Corsair II (JT505), has the revised bubble canopy, 16 inches lopped off the wings to give blunt tips and additional dorsal radio mast. Notice the roughly stencilled nose number.
In this shot of the Fleet Air Arm Museum's Corsair IV (KD431), an ex-US Navy FG-1 BuNo 14862 (c/n 1871), the wing folding arrangement can clearly be seen.
With wings folded showing its underwing weapon points is F4U-7, No 133663, of the Aeronavale as used in the Indo China conflict.
Early variant of the Corsair in Fleet Air Arm service, a Mk I (JT126). Note original style cockpit canopy and rounded wing tips.