Air Pictorial 1994-08
The An-26RTR Curl B Sigint aircraft of the 226 OSAP (Independent Mixed Aviation Regiment)
Ex-fire-bomber Fairchild R4Q-2 Packet with SNJ-5 under its wing and FJ-3 Fury in the foreground.
The Lockheed XP-80 prototype pictured before the change in fin shape following flight-test.
Grumman F4F-3 Wildcat 12320 was recovered from Lake Erie, Ohio, where it had lain for over 40 years.
On display in a hangar was AdlA Jaguar A of EC 11 damaged by an Iraqi missile during the Gulf War.
In a ceremony at Colmar-Meyenheim air base on June 3 1994, the last Mirage III/5s were finally retired from operational service with the French Armee de l’Air. The last two units operating the aircraft were Nancy-based EC 313 ‘Ardennes’ (currently receiving Mirage 2000Ds) and Colmar-based EC 2113 ‘Alpes’. The latter was formally disbanded during the ceremony. The Mirage entered French service in July 1961 and during the past 33 years a total of 465 III/5s have served with 21 different units in the AdlA. The line-up shows a IIIE, BE, B-1, 5F, IIIC and a IIIR.
France’s military involvement in the conflict in the former-Yugoslavia has seen the use of Mirage 2000s for policing the No-Fly Zone. This is a 2000N complete with laser pod and guided bomb, although this variant has yet to be deployed outside France’s borders.
Among a varied selection of types displayed at Chateaudun was Mirage F.1CT (No 242, EC 13-SG at Colmar) recently updated at the base’s rectification centre.
P-51D NL151RK ‘Six Shooter' was one of the many warbirds at Sun N’Fun.
View of a Luftwaffe Tornado IDS carrying two Apache tactical air-to-ground missiles under its fuselage during recent initial validation trials
Introducing people to air travel was the original aim of the Air Fair and this view of Virgin Atlantic’s A340 making a slow pass over two RAF Tornados epitomises that spirit.
View of a Luftwaffe Tornado IDS carrying two Apache tactical air-to-ground missiles under its fuselage during recent initial validation trials
Low-level maritime attack is the role of the latest RAF GR.1B Tornado and after a four-month work-up period, No 617 Sqn at RAF Lossiemouth is due to be declared as a maritime Nato squadron in early September 1994. ZA456, seen here piloted by the squadron CO Wg Cdr Jonathon Dickinson with Sqn Ldr Paul West as navigator, carries two British Aerospace Sea Eagle anti-ship missiles under the fuselage with wing-mounted fuel tanks, chaff and ECM pods. Geoffrey Lee of BAe took the pictures from a chase aircraft flown by Flt Lt Al Pease.
First RAF GR.1B Tornado to appear in an overall grey scheme is ZA490. Replacing the Buccaneer in the maritime role, Tornados will gradually begin to appear in the new finish if trials with the colour prove successful.
Boeing 777 prototype N7771 made its maiden flight on June 12, 1994, crewed by chief pilot John Cashman and co-pilot Ken Higgins. The aircraft took off from Everett’s Paine Field, north of Seattle, Washington, for the 3 hr 48 min flight and then underwent a four-day inspection prior to a series of five further flights.
At 1,160 mph, privately-owned Draken OY-SKA is probably the fastest warbird on the show circuit.
Still awaiting clearance to fly at air shows is G-OMIG an ex-Polish LIM-2A
Sponsored by Shell was the Vautour No 348 F-AZHP
First of eight BAe/Avro RJ100s for SAM-Colombia at Woodford. In service, the aircraft will be registered N505MM. C/n’s of the other aircraft include 3221, 3245, 3247, 3248 and 3250.
The Tu-134UBL, is a pilot and navigation trainer for Tu-22 Blackjack crews.
An open day at Sperenberg, Germany, also in May 1994, produced the Il-20 Coot A Elint aircraft of the 390 ORAE (Independent Reconnaissance Aviation Squadron)
The Il-22 Coot B command post conversion of the Il-18 was pictured by Mark Wagner at Kubinka in May 1994.
Considering its length of service, the Mil Mi-6 Hook B command post variant has been an elusive subject, but 'Red 53' carries the tell-tale aerial under the rear boom and pod on the lower forward fuselage.
One of two ex-‘enemy’ types at El Toro is this Iraqi Bell 214ST (the other is a MiG-15).
Max Shauck with his ethanol-powered Pitts S-2B N260PW
The Noralpha at Gatwick in 1966 pictured by Paul Howard
Seen arriving at Yeovilton for the D-Day flypast is F-4E 68-445, 338 Mira, HAF.
A Meteor base in the 1950s, Biggin welcomed VZ467 back for the show, superbly finished in No 615 RAuxAF Sqn colours
First production Zenith CH 2000 C-FRSK making its debut at the show.
Skystar Speedster version of the Kitfox
The Vixen from Skystar company which has now spawned tailwheel variants incorporating elements of the tricycle design.