Air Pictorial 1994-08
J.Fail - Down in the Bush
Covered in dust from the arid strip, Blenheim I L6659 is pictured after an undercarriage collapse during a night landing on February 28, 1942.
The attractive setting of RAF Nakuru belied its poor surface which Sgt Nichols found to his cost when he ‘bent’ Blenheim IV Z6158 seen here.
Out of fuel and off course, P/O Guy put V6141 down at Thompson’s Falls on October 20, 1941. The Hitler nose-art is probably from its previous service on operations.
Retired from ‘ops’, many battered Mk IVs like V6468 on December 15, 1941, which suffered a collapsed undercarriage, ended their days at 70 OTU.
The Bisley or Blenheim V was never well thought-of and this example BA385 lying on its belly at Nakuru on January 12, 1943, seems to underline the type’s misfortune.
Baltimore II AG818 coded 52 in the centre of Nakuru after the port wheel collapsed during a swing on take-off, October 11, 1942. Note the early mid-upper gunner’s position before turrets were fitted.