Air Pictorial 1995-01
G.Swanborough - British aircraft at war, 1939-1945 (13)
Firefly F Mk I, with underwing bombs.
Firefly NF Mk 1 MB590 in service with No 1791 Sqn in mid-1945.
Firefly IV prototype MB649, one of four Mk I airframes converted to have wing-root radiators and Griffon 72 or 74 engines. Note the aesthetically unattractive supercharger air intake which was later to he relocated.
A Battle T trainer, P6723, in service with Polish-manned No 304 Sqn in 1940 alongside Battle bombers.
Battle TT, RCAF serial 1650, in target-tow colours, was ex-RAF L5608, delivered direct to Canada for service at No 4 B&G School.
Battle IT 1966 was ex-RAF L5421, delivered to Canada in June 1941 and fitted with a dorsal turret in April 1943.
The second of two Fairey P.4/34s, K7555 was used in the early war years to flight-test Fairey Youngman flaps and, later, pneumatically-operated bellows-type airbrakes.
Seafox I of No 765 Sqn at Sandbanks in 1942.
The third Barracuda TR Mk V prototype, LS479.
Barracuda II DN633 serving in 1943 with No 736 Sqn, the FAA School of Air Combat at Yeovilton.
A pair of Fulmar IIs in service with No 803 Sqn in 1942.