Air Pictorial 1995-01
C.Passmore - A Turkish Magic Carpet
Across the old Iron Curtain countries there were plenty of well-known aircraft to be seen. This Romanian An-2 YR-PBT was pictured at Craiova.
A derelict MiG-17PF of the Hungarian Air Force at Budapest.
The Hungarian airfield at Siflok is becoming an aviation holiday centre with ballooning and sport flying as two of the events available. In the foreground is a PZL Wilga.
Fifteen of the 23 aircraft on the Raid tour seen at Kayseri in mid-Turkey. The only other UK-registered aircraft was G-BPFG, the white Trinidad second from right.
A smart pre-fab control tower at the sport airfield of Pirmasens - Saarbrucken. In the foreground is the author’s Turbo Arrow III G-JMTT, formerly G-BMHM, and on the left is Socata TB-10 Tobago D-EWAZ, also part of the Raid to Turkey.