Air Pictorial 1999-07
??? - Comet - a golden anniversary!
The DH Gazette of June 1951, proudly illustrated the first three aircraft during their flight test programme.
Painted in BOAC colours, G-ALVG appeared at Farnborough in September 1949.
Two of BOAC’s Comet Is at Johannesburg’s Palmietfontein Airport in May 1952;
The prototype Comet, G-ALVG/G-5-1, which made aviation history on the evening of July 27, 1949, when it completed its 31 minute first flight.
July 30, 1962, was a wet day, but undeterred, No 216 Sqn displayed its new C.4s alongside a C.2 (XK669) and a Bristol Britannia at RAF Lyneham.1
Among several novel layouts for a future jet-powered airliner was the three-engined canard design. In its early form, below, the Comet incorporated 40° sweepback with dihedral on the outer sections.
The only Comet likely to fly again is the ex-Boscombe Down Mk 4C, which is presently at Bruntingthorpe.
Seen in its heyday with BEA, 4B G-APMB has survived for ground handling training at Gatwick.
G-ANLO was the only Mk 3/3B and paved the way for the Mk 4;
Artist’s impression of what the Comet would have appeared like in Capital colours;
Manufacturer's cutaway of the Comet 4, a design far in advance of the early Mk 1 and incorporating the extensive work done on fatigue testing to give a safe life of at least 30,000 hrs.