Air Pictorial 1999-11
P.Foster - Licence to liaise!
A Bond Helicopters Eurocopter Dauphin photographed during training operations in the English Channel.
Bond Helicopters Dauphin, nicely cleaned-up, leaves the Turkish Navy Yavuz class frigate Turgutreis following a brief landing on the aft deck during a training flight.
A familiar backdrop for the locally-based Dauphins, Devonport dockyard is the Royal Navy’s chief south-western base. On the left is HMS Ocean, and around the lower dock can be seen various submarines, including what appears to be a blue-painted Trafalgar class.
Loading baggage aboard ZJ164 during a short stopover aboard the Type 23 Duke class frigate, HMS Montrose.
Based at Plymouth City Airport, the two Bond Dauphins, ZJ164 and ’165, incorporate specialised equipment for their mainly training tasks.
Chief pilot, Capt Tony Turpin, seen on the right of the picture with crewman Brian Smith.