Air Pictorial 1999-11
G.Jones - Reno: Triumph & tragedy
Bob Hannah flew modified P-51D ‘Voodoo’ at over 420 mph to win the Unlimited Silver.
Winner of the Unlimited Gold, as in the ’98 event, was Bruce Lockwood in ‘Dago Red’ (shown), but the tragic fatal crash of the Lear Jet-winged ‘Miss Ashley II’, which broke up in flight during the race, marred the result.
A howling posse of AT-6/SNJs bank for the pylon at the end of lap one.
Two of the five Hawker Sea Fury racers, which clocked average speeds of 390+ mph.
The sole British entrant at Reno was Stephen Alexander, who flew Cassut G-BKCH ‘Lumpy Custard’ in the Formula One races.