Air Pictorial 1999-11
G.Jones - Reno: Triumph & tragedy
Winner of the Unlimited Gold, as in the ’98 event, was Bruce Lockwood in ‘Dago Red’ (shown), but the tragic fatal crash of the Lear Jet-winged ‘Miss Ashley II’, which broke up in flight during the race, marred the result.
Bob Hannah flew modified P-51D ‘Voodoo’ at over 420 mph to win the Unlimited Silver.
A howling posse of AT-6/SNJs bank for the pylon at the end of lap one.
Two of the five Hawker Sea Fury racers, which clocked average speeds of 390+ mph.
The sole British entrant at Reno was Stephen Alexander, who flew Cassut G-BKCH ‘Lumpy Custard’ in the Formula One races.