Air Enthusiast 2006-03
E.Gandet, M.Rey - Alpine Antiques /History on the wing/
Rudiger Hass in his Dennis Beuhen-restored ‘Super Six' (Harvard IV) N662DB
AAA member and retired Swissair Captain Hans Furrer spent 15 years building Bleriot XI HB-RCV from original plans and it was powered by a six-cylinder Anzani. In 2004 he flew it in Sweden, together with his friend Michael Carlson. Sadly the Bleriot subsequently crashed at Yverdon, but will be rebuilt. Hans was not hurt in the incident.
Beech D17S 'Staggerwing' F-GUZZ (foreground) in formation with Cessna 195 N3081B. French-registered ‘Zulu-Zulu', flown by its owner Francis Vital, is based at Person near Paris. The US-registered Cessna 195 Is the only one of its type in Switzerland and is the flagship of the Vetrano Flying Group based at Birrfield.
Ryan PT-22A HB-RDD was built in 1942 and registered in 2004 to the newly-formed Ryan Club of Switzerland. It flies in the colours of the Dutch Air Force, which had ordered 25 not long before the Germans invaded the Netherlands. The aircraft were not delivered and instead were used to train Dutch airmen in the USA. Before moving to Switzerland, the Ryan had operated under the US civil register in Germany as N1799.
Boeing PT-17 'Stearman' N921WS, was the first of its type to fly in Switzerland, in 1990. It is owned by AAA member Erwin Zurfluh and is illustrated off the UK coast at Newhaven, during the 'fly-out' to England in August 2004.
Stinson L-5 Sentinel N121MC belongs to the Warbird Owners Group and is operated by the Commemorative Air Force's Swiss Wing, which is also a member of the AAA. This, the only flying L-5 in Switzerland, is based at Birrfield.
Fieseler Fi 156 Storch HB-EJJ (actually a French-built Morane-Saulnier M.S.500 Criquet) has been newly fitted with a Lycoming O-540 by the aircraft restorer and 'Triple-A' member Andi Rombach.
Built in 1961 Bolkow Bo HB-UXL is one of the best of its type in Europe. In the background is the Luxembourg-registered LX-UXM, which once served with the former Schweizerischen Luftverkehrsschule, Swissair's flying school, from 1966 to 1969. LX-UXM is now on the French register.