Air Enthusiast 2006-07
Andy Thomas has also commented on grey Harriers, but of a much earlier era. GR.3 XV738 of 4 Squadron was noted at Lossiemouth in March 1984 wearing an experimental two-tone grey scheme. Can any reader add more?
Five Fireflies FR.Is stored at Hato airfield, Curafao, in December 1955. The original caption read (translated): ‘Storage of the Fireflies which were destined for Abyssinia'. The caption for another shot of the same lot states: ‘The Fireflies to be written off. Both strong indications that no Mk.Is from Curafao were sent to Ethiopia.
View of the impressively-modified one-off NT-29B 51-5132 bedecked with radomes and additional aerials. What do readers know of the test programme that this machine was involved in?
Early production T-29B 51-5118 wearing 'buzz-number' 'TP-118' on the forward fuselage in May 1949. Note also the number '249' behind the cockpit and below the rudder - this was the aircraft's construction number.
John Sheraton of Lydney, Glos, notes that he and his wife flew to Lord Howe Island the March 1971. They flew back to Sydney in Ansett Sandringham VH-BRC, painted in the old colour scheme. It is pictured on the lagoon at Lord Howe, which John notes is an idyllic spot if ever there was one.
Sunderland MR.5 VH-BRF is shown taking off from Lake Eucumbere in New South Wales on November 29, 1970. John Sheraton of Lydney, Glos, notes that he and his wife flew on this machine to Lord Howe Island the following March.