Air Enthusiast 2007-01
F.Allen - Bolt Upright /Prototypes and experimentals/
The VTOL aircraft concept included a portable hangar for completely self-contained maintenance, shelter and stowage.
The steel test structure built to enable the test pilot to obtain some experience with the novel VTOL characteristics.
The XFY-1 prior to its initial flight outdoors on August 1,1954.
The XFY-1 climbs out at a vertical top speed of 60 knots.
The XFY-1 rose to a height of 150ft during its first series of flights outdoors.
Испытания катапультируемого кресла на "Пого" проводились перед отправкой на базу ВМС Моффет Филд. Для успешного катапультирования из XFY-1 необходимо находиться на высоте не менее 200 футов. Колеман летал на самолете, не оборудованном катапультой
Using a dummy, Convair engineers ran ejection seat tests against a demarcated board for photographic clarity and better interpretation.
One of the XFY-1’s major attributes was the ease with which it could he transported while on the ground. The maintenance and launch trailer incorporated powerful hydraulic jacks to lift the aircraft to the vertical take-off position.
XFY-1 trial flights being conducted inside the Moffett Field, California hangar.
Coleman's first horizontal flight lasted for 20 minutes.
XFY-1 "Пого" во время наземных виброиспытаний, предшествовавших его отправке на авиабазу ВМС Моффет Филд для ангарных испытаний на привязи
The XFY-1 positioned in the horizontal travel position. The aircraft in the background is the Convair R3Y Tradewind transport, which also used the Allison T40 turboprop.
Exploded view of the major elements of the Convair XFY-1.
Colour image of the XFV-1 showing the tail-sitting' attitude
Colour image of the XFV-1 showing the 'conventional' undercarriage.
Lockheed's XFV-1 used four wheels set in the tips of its cruciform tail for support while stationary.
The XFV-1 at Long Beach on March 16, 1954 with temporary landing gear affixed for normal take-off and landing. The small round tail cup housed the anti-spin/drug 'chute.
The XFV-1 being pulled from the hangar at Muroc Field (Edwards AFB) while on its transporter and vertical erection rig. Levelling jacks were lowered to raise the rig above the wheel level prior to erection.
Another view of the XFV-1's trailer with test pilot Herman 'Fish' Salmon on the ladder.
The XFV-1 on its mobile trailer. The trailer incorporated an entry ladder to the cockpit as well as a catwalk, in addition to a built-in servicing tower.
The XFV-1 taking off conventionally.