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Model 80 C-7137 on September 14, 1928. It had been delivered to BAT late the previous month.
Так выглядела летающая лодка В-1, оснащенная двигателем Liberty с большим радиатором, к концу своей службы. Все рулевые поверхности были снабжены роговой компенсацией.
The Boeing Model 6, B-1 flying-boat, used by Edward Hubbard, on the FAM.2 international airmail contract flights between Seattle and Victoria, BC.
W E Boeing, clutching a mail sack, and Edward Hubbard pose in front of the Hall-Scott powered CL-4S seaplane, at the Lake Union hangar in Seattle, having just completed their historic international flight from Vancouver BC.
Claire Egtvedt (left) congratulates Boeing test pilot, Ricca Botta, upon the completion of the first test flight of the model 40 mailplane, from the Navy field at Sandpoint, Seattle.
Boeing employees demonstrate the unloading of cargo from the forward mail pit of a model 40-A. Note the built-in access platform.
Mrs W E Boeing christens Boeing 40-A mailplane ‘San Francisco', June 30,1927, Crissy Field, San Francisco. Her husband is in the centre of the trio behind her.
June 1927, Model 40-As for BAT, at various stages of assembly, on the production line at the Boeing Plant 1, in Seattle.
BAT Model 40-B C-270 at Boeing Field in Seattle, March 1929. The original Wasp engine has been replaced by a 525hp Pratt & Whitney Hornet fitted with a NACA cowling.
First of the Boeing model 95 mailplanes.
The one-off Boeing Model 40, built to meet a Post Office mail-plane specification.
Austere instrumentation inside the mid-1927, Boeing 40-A mailplane. The cockpit is uncluttered, designed to accommodate the pilot in his bulky flying suit and parachute.
Designed less than two years after the model 40-A, the instrument board of the Model 95 has a few more instruments grouped in a more ergonomic fashion. The rods on the left-hand side extend to the throttle, spark advance and mixture quadrants. The central group now has the liquid compass at the top, with the skid ball below. Left and right are Pioneer air speed indicator and altimeter. Top to bottom in the centre are turn and bank plus rate of climb indicators, and the large diameter 5000 to 2500 rpm tachometer.
Boeing re­manufactured DH-4M-1, 489, used for mail flights prior to 1927 by the USPO.