Air Enthusiast 2007-01
J.Heard - Golden Dorniers /History on the wing/
Framed by a Do 27, is Do 28A D-IBEL. The twin was an elegant extension of the Do 27 lineage. The prototype first flew on April 29, 1959.
Do 27Q-5 D-EGAP, an example largely rebuilt from former D-EKYC, dwarfed by the local Zeppelin airship as it departs on another local sightseeing tour over Lake Constance.
The pair of Swiss Do 27s with V- 601 (foreground), showing the 'H-2’s three-bladed propeller.
A small part of the colourful line-up of gathered Dorniers, dwarfed by the Zeppelin hangar.
The crew of the Portuguese Do 27A-3 3357, pose for the cameras. The markings are those used by aircraft at PAF Base 10 at Beira in Mozambique.
Zebra-striped Do 27 Q-5 D-EDDY.
Large-scale models also played an important part at the event - Do 27Q-5 D-EMIH and its owners meet its 'Mini-Me' and its creators.
General Jose Pessoa of the Portuguese Air Staff, inside the cockpit of the Museu do Ar's Do 27. The windscreen also acts as an access door, providing exceptional visibility for the pilots.
The one-off Do 27S-1 floatplane, D-EGUW.
The first of two Do 25s - powered by a 150hp Tigre, first flown on June 25, 1954.
Aviation architecture of the 1950s reflected in a Do 27 cockpit.