Air Enthusiast 2007-03
G.Jones - Swift Legacy /History on the wing/
The cover of Temco's 1953 sales brochure for the Model 33 Plebe.
Speculatively painted in US Navy colours, the civil-registered Plebe N848B.
Cut-away showing the structure of the Plebe and taken from Temco’s 1953 sales brochure.
Temco TT-1 Pinto.
As many as 500 Swifts are flying today, the vast majority in the USA. GC-1B N84799 illustrated
Charlie Nelston's T-35 N68773 and GC-1B N84799 on a sortie out of McMinn Airport.
Swift components of every shape and size are stocked by the Swift Museum Foundation, helping to keep the worldwide fleet in the air.
Swifts on the Temco production line circa 1947.
The cockpit of N2279B, an original 1946 Swift.
The museum's composite T-35, N909B, in full RSAF colours
Rocket armament of the museum's composite T-35, N909B
The three YT-35s delivered for USAF evaluation at Randolph Field in 1950, 0738, 0739 and 0740 - two of these survive.
Temco's factory circa 1950, just before the three TE-1As (YT-35s) were flown to Randolph Field for USAF evaluation.