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One of three surviving Boeing 247s, the Seattle Museum of Flight's NC13347 is currently hangared, but available for public viewing, at the museum's restoration centre at Paine Field in Everett
Boeing 80-A NC224M over the Chicago waterfront in 1934. Note that this former BAT aircraft now has the United Air Lines logo. This 80-A is displayed at the Museum of Flight in Seattle.
BAT's 80-A NC232M without the NACA cowlings, and with a single tail, at Oakland, California, about mid-1930. On the right is 80-B NC234M with its open cockpit, and raised centre engine.
Model 80-A C-226M at Boeing Field on December 12,1929, the day of its 18-minute first flight.
Model 80-A NC228M at BAT's Oakland, California terminal, in late 1929, soon after delivery. Note the telescoping walkway, rolled out to protect the passengers during inclement weather.
A Boeing 80-A at Plant 1 prior to being loaded onto a barge and shipped to the dock on the east side of the Duwamish River. From there it was towed across East Marginal Way to Boeing Field, for final assembly and flight test.
Forward mail compartment entrance and the impressive load of mail and express from one of BAT's Model 80s.
Boeing Air Transport's first 'sky girls' at Cheyenne during May 1930. Left to right; Jessie Carter, Cornelia Peterman, Ellen Church, Inez Keller, Alva Johnson, Margaret Arnott, Ellis Crawford and Harriet Fry.
Boeing 80-A NC225M crashed at Dix, Nebraska, June 22,1930. There was no serious injury, nor loss of life, and the remains of the aircraft were shipped back to the Seattle factory.
Boeing Hornet Shuttle - modified BAT Model 95 C-397E used for the 1929 coast-to-coast, non-stop experimental mail flights.
Mail-only version of Model 200 Monomail X725W at Boeing Field, demonstrating the loading of mail into the three large compartments.
Monomail X725W at Boeing Field, September 14, 1931 after it had been modified to become an eight passenger 221A. It was also fitted with an experimental fixed gear, with streamlined pants.
Monomail NC10225 built as a six-passenger Model 221, made its first flight from Boeing Field, August 18,1930.