Air Enthusiast 2007-03
A.Pelletier - Consumptive Vengeance /World war two/
French A-35s and some Hawker Hurricanes in store in North Africa. In the foreground is probably 41-31281, which flew with GB1/32.
A French Vengeance flying over the North African coast.
A-35A 41-31219 in flight.
Reportedly taken at Agadir... A-35B 41-31296 with a canvas-covered engine. The roundels appear incomplete with only the white and yellow painted.
A-35B 41-31288, in poor condition. It flew with GB 1/17 and then GB 1/32 before being put into storage at Marrakech in February 1944.
Unidentified A-35B in North Africa in a non-standard camouflage scheme made of forest green (?) upper surfaces, neutral grey under surfaces, roundels in six positions and a little French flag on the fin. It was most probably operated by GB 1/17.
A-35A 41-31225 was operated by Groupe de Transport GT 2/15 from February 1944.