Air Enthusiast 2007-05
F.Mormillo - Wings and Rotors /History on the wing/
The Phantom II during its initial stage of restoration to flying condition in the March Field Museum restoration hangar.
Pat Rodgers, Johan Nurmi and Dr William Hendricks bringing the Wings and Rotors' OH-58A in for a landing at the French Valley Airport after its record-setting cross-country flight.
Pat Rodgers and Richard Wall flying the OH-58A during an event at Brown Field, near San Diego.
UH-1H 69-15372 was restored to static condition and then traded for another example that will fly again.
TH-55 Osage 67-16908 (illustrated) was restored to static display condition at French Valley, while 67-16807 (N53503D) is being restored to flying condition.
Wings and Rotors' Cessna 172 is painted as a T-41.
Wings and Rotors UH-1B 62-2084 over Lake Skinner, near French Valley Airport.
Rocket pods and M60 machine-guns carried by the Wings and Rotors' UH-1B.
UH-1B flight crew: (left to right) Shayne Meder, Pat Rodgers, Frank Tresendrider and (centre foreground) Craig Clay.
The Huey hovering over the ramp at French Valley.
The cockpit of the Wings and Rotors' Huey.