Air Enthusiast 2007-07
D.Nicolle - Fury over Palestine /Post-war conflict/ (3)
REAF C-46 with a straight line separating its upper and lower surface colours. The men in the foreground are believed to have been Egyptian Army officers returning from a meeting with the UN Armistice Commission.
Dakota 815 was only used as a transport during the Palestine War and was left in its overall bare metal finish apart from a black anti-dazzle panel in front of the windscreen.
Fg Off Shalabi al-Hinnawi and an unnamed colleague in front of one of the REAF's uncamouflaged transport Dakotas at al-Arish in 1948.
A Dakota and a Spitfire over Tel Aviv. This photo is often said to illustrate an Israeli fighter in the process of shooting down an Egyptian bomber. In reality it almost certainly shows the REAF 'bomber' with one of the pair of escorting Spitfires.
Egyptian Dakota 818 glimpsed from behind the first Hawker Fury (702).
Some of the Spitfire VBs with tropical filters supplied to Egypt at Almaza in 1946. The aircraft in the foreground (serial number Arabic 602; European ER602) flew at least seven missions during that conflict.
Shalabi al-Hinnawi and other flying cadets at the REAF’s Flying Training School at Almaza early in 1948, before the start of the Palestine War; with Harvards behind.
A 'Baghdad' Fury, on loan from the Royal Iraqi Air Force to the REAF, in its protective pen at al-Arish late in 1948. Iraqi Furies loaned to Egypt retained their Iraqi national markings but had black and white Egyptian fighter recognition stripes added. The large serial number on the fuselage, to the rear of the triangular Iraqi insignia, was overpainted in 'sand' yellow. Instead the letters 'RIAF' followed by the serial number in European numerals (in this case either 235 or 237) was added, very small, beneath the triangle.
Ирак использовал в той войне несколько "Фьюри" Mk.50
The first 'Baghdad' Fury delivered to Iraq late in 1947, serial number 231.
Mustafa Abu Zaid was one of Sqn Ldr Abd al-Hamid Abu Zaid's younger brothers, who flew Beech D.18 ‘bombers'
An Italian ferry pilot, who flew MC.205s to Egypt, sitting on the stub wing of REAF sand and stone camouflaged Lysander 504.
REAF Fiat G55 1285 used as an advanced trainer around 1950.
Another Fiat G.55 of the REAF which had to land at Paid.
Fg Off Kamal Zaki in front of his beloved Fiat G.55 shortly after the end of the Palestine War.
Macchi MC.205 of 2 Squadron, REAF, January 1949.
Avro Anson 1581 was usually based at Almaza during the early part of the Palestine War and is believed to have been used for navigation and bomber training.
An Iraqi Anson I as operated from Mafraq in Transjordan during the Palestine War.
The first Handley-Page Halifax C.8 (probably 1147) to be delivered to Egypt during the Palestine War. It is understood to have arrived during one of the UN Truces and went on to form part of the REAF’s new 8 Bomber Squadron. Gp Capt Miqaati is on the left of the group of three standing officers.
This Macchi MB.308 was given to Egypt at the conclusion of the deal to supply the REAF with MC.205s.
An Egyptian civilian-registered Marchetti SM.95 used to bring home repatriated Egyptian prisoners of war in 1949.