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The Roundels File
Fairey Swordfish II HS669 'H' of 834 Squadron, Fleet Air Arm, HMS 'Battler' in South East Asia Command markings, Durban, South Africa in 1944.
Fairey Swordfish II LS245 'L3' of 'L' Flight, 836 Squadron, Fleet Air Arm, September 1944, as flown by Lt J McAleese rn. Note: Black undersurface to upperwing to counter sea reflections.
Fairey Swordfish III NF374 'NH-M' of 119 Squadron, RAF, Bircham Newton in January to June 1945.
Fairey Swordfish I L2817 'T4F' of 830 Squadron, Fleet Air Arm, Kalafrana, Malta in 1940. Note that the codes 'T4F' were from its days in late 1939 with 767 Squadron. It arrived on Malta in mid-1940 and eventually took up the code 'R'.
Fairey Swordfish I L2826 '2P' of 810 Squadron, Fleet Air Arm, in 1941. Note unusual position of Royal Navy titles.
Fairey Swordfish I P4085 'U3G' of 815 Squadron, Fleet Air Arm, Worthy Down in November 1939.
Mk.I K8871 'J' flew with the pool of aircraft allocated to 785 and 786 Squadrons at Crail in Scotland on torpedo training duties. It was destroyed in a ground accident on July 16, 1941.
The combination of an air-to-surface radar and a powerful light to aid target acquisition was trialled with Blackburn-built Mk.I V4689/G by 'C' Squadron at the Aeroplane & Armament Experimental Establishment from October 1943. The light mounted under the starboard wing is described as a 'Mk.IV Pumpkin'.
No.835 Squadron was formed at Palisadoes, Jamaica, on February 15, 1942. Blackburn-built Mk.I V4719 was issued to the unit that day, gaining the code ‘K’ and it served with it until June 1942
Initially issued to 820 Squadron in July 1940, Mk.I L2840 was taken on charge by 'A' Squadron of the Aeroplane & Armament Experimental Establishment and used from February to June 1943 for rocket projectile trials. During this time it gained a '/G' suffix to its serial, indicating that it should be permanently under guard when not flying.
Pilots and observers from the MV 'Empire Macalpine' - a Merchant Aircraft Carrier ('MAC Ship') - in front of a carefully-doctored Swordfish II with 'Merchant Navy' titles. MS380' is believed to be Blackburn-built HS380, which served with the MAC Ship unit 836 Squadron as 'A' from March to August 1943.
В годы войны британские экипажи часто тренировались в безопасном воздушном пространстве Канады. Суровый климат этой страны привел к появлению на самолетах закрытых кабин.
Blackburn-built Mk.II HS553 was fitted with a fully-enclosed canopy and was issued to 'C' Flight of the Aeroplane & Armament Experimental Establishment at Boscombe Down in June 1943 for trials. After some squadron use, it was transferred to the RCAF in September 1946.
Swordfish of 836 Squadron in hastily-applied night camouflage for operations in the Channel out of RAF Thorney Island, December 1942 to March 1943.
Delivered in July 1944, Blackburn-built MK.III NR951 was used for radar and rocket projectile trials. Note the radar aerial arrays on the wing struts.