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A.Ord-Hume - Catalogue of Failure /'Paper planes' - projects/
An Avro 504K operated by Navarro for joy-riding in the summer of 1919. Although allocated the civil registration G-EAEA, it was allowed to operate in its original drab green with the RAF serial on the rudder.
The prototype Westland Wessex, G-EBXK, first flew on February 22, 1929 and was powered by three Cirrus IIIs.
Heston's Phoenix cabin monoplane of 1935 used a similar retraction layout to the Naiad and Tribian.
The prototype Supermarine Seagull ASR.I, PA143, first flew on July 14, 1948.
In 1929 Navarro unveiled his Navarro Safety Aircraft called the Chief
The curious split rudder air-brake and diagonally-hinged differential elevators are shown in this tail-end view of the Chief.
Three-view of the Navarro Chief
The only surviving image of the Sponson Tribian mock-up pictured at Redhill in 1949.
Three-view of the Sponson Tribian
Illustration from a press release revealing the layout of the Tribian. Note the retractable undercarriage fully contained in the cantilever sponsons.
Three-view of the Navarro Naiad