Aviation Historian 13
J.Franzi - Riding the Storm /An eye for detail/
Martin B-57A serial number 52-1419, powered by a pair of Curtiss Wright J65 turbojets (licence-built Armstrong Siddeley Sapphires), was operated by the US Department of Commerce with the civil registration N1005 during 1960-71. Following its retirement the airframe was transferred to the George T.Baker Aviation School at Miami International Airport in late 1973 and was scrapped in 1988.
This second of eight B-57As was operated by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration of the Commerce Department. Based at Miami International Airport, it was used in the late 1950s to track hurricanes in 'Project Stormfury'.
Hardly a thing of beauty, B-57A N1005 nevertheless provided much valuable data while serving with the US Weather Bureau and Department of Commerce during 1960-71.