Aviation Historian 17
D.Green - Biggin or Bust!
Tiger Moth G-ANDE at Croydon in December 1953, shortly after its arrival. The aircraft was silver/grey and the zig-zag stripe and cheat-line may have been dark blue. Note the twin chimneys of Waddon Marsh power station in the background, narrowly avoided by the author - these are now landmarks for the Croydon Ikea store.
Built by Morris Motors at Cowley in 1943, Tiger Moth G-ANDE (c/n 85957) was originally given the RAF serial EM726 and was sold on to the UK civil register in September 1953.
A happier return - G-ANDE at Biggin Hill in September 1964. In 1958 Biggin Hill ceased to be an operational RAF station; and, with the closure of Croydon in 1959, much of the civil and light aviation activity at the latter relocated to Biggin. Tiger Moth G-ANDE survives today and is being repaired and rebuilt after a non-fatal accident in 2007.