Windsor glider
Страна: Великобритания
Год: 1912

In 1911 Sydney and Fred, along with other enthusiastic local boys, formed the Windsor Model Aeroplane Club (WMAC), and Sydney became its secretary. Reports on the WMAC's activities, written by Fred, were published in British weekly magazine Flight, and in 1912 construction of a 32ft (9-8m)-span manned biplane glider (seen here) with weight-shift control was undertaken. This was completed late in the year and tests were made early in 1913.
The WMAC’s 25ft-span No 2 glider, bearing the legend “WMA & GC 2”, the initials presumably by this point standing for the Windsor Model Aeroplane & Glider Club. Little appears to be known about it, although we know that it was flown in May 1913 by Charles Camm, who was given strict instructions not to touch any of the controls.