МиГ МиГ-21Ф
МиГ - МиГ-21Ф - 1958 - Россия
Страна: Россия
Год: 1958


Модели, схемы (10)

   Сорок предсерийных самолетов МиГ-21Ф получили кодовое обозначение НАТО "Fishbed-B", но первым массовым серийным вариантом стал МиГ-21Ф-13 (обозначение НАТО - "Fishbed-C"), Первые 114 истребителей МиГ-21Ф-13 имели вертикальное оперение с узкой хордой. Пушечное вооружение сократили с двух до одной 30-мм пушки НР-30 по правому борту, установив под крылом два пилона для ракет класса "воздух-воздух" К-13 (обозначение НАТО - AA-2 "Atoll") или блоков НАР.
Модель МиГ-21Ф-13 (1:72). Фирма Revell
These drawings illustrate the novel semi-encapsulated escape system used by all Fishbed fighters prior to the Fishbed-F, to protect the pilot from blast effects until the seat has slowed down under the action of a drogue chute.
Сравнение размеров истребителей МиГ-21Ф-13 и F-5E
Летчики 4477-го звена изучали матчасть вероятного противника "настоящим образом"
The accompanying drawings depict (from top to bottom) the Fishbed-C with centreline drop-tank which may be carried by all MiG-21 variants and UV-16-57 pods (containing 16 55-mm rockets) on the wings; Fishbed-D which introduced the enlarged nose, larger main undercarriage members, deepened dorsal fairing and redesigned forward speed brakes; Mongol-A which combined original intake with the larger main undercarriage members and a single centrally-mounted forward speed brake; Fishbed-E which combined repositioned para-brake with broader rudder; Fishbed-F which introduced a side-hinged canopy with fixed windscreen and quarterlights, and Mongol-B which had the broader rudder and repositioned parabrake, plus a slightly deeper dorsal fairing.
The MiG-21 delta-wing fighter code-named “Fishbed”, armed with “Atoll” missiles
The MiG-21F was evolved from the Ye-6T and was the first version of the tailed delta fighter to be built in large numbers.
Another addition to the Soviet Air Force is the "Fishbed B", a delta-wing supersonic interceptor, believed to be capable of speeds approaching Mach 2. Details of dimensions, weights, etc., are not available.