General Aircraft GAL.29
Страна: Великобритания
Год: 1937

General Aircraft Ltd’s GAL.29, designed to the same Imperial Specification as Airspeed’s AS.35, was a slightly scaled-down development of a ten-passenger version, but neither was ever built. Quite why the Specification for this largely redundant type was issued at all remains unknown.
The GAL.29 was the first of a number of ambitious airliner designs the company produced over the next couple of years as it sought to expand. Like Airspeed, the company was engaged in acquiring expertise and design staff familiar with metal construction. Its proposed design was slightly larger and about 12 per cent heavier than the AS.35. The company had previously submitted a speculative tender for a ten-seat version of the GAL.29, from which its revised aircraft was derived; the larger, earlier design featured a different wing with bracing struts and Armstrong Siddeley Cheetah engines. As an alternative GAL also offered a modified version of its Monospar-winged ST.18 Croydon, which had first flown in 1935, and which was fitted with Bristol Mercury IX engines.