Boeing Boeing 727
Страна: США
Год: 1963

Three turbofan airliner
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Boeing Model 727 (USA)
   On 5 December 1960 Boeing announced its intention to produce a short/medium-range jet transport designated Boeing 727. A major innovation (compared with this company’s earlier designs) was the choice of a rear-engined layout. The upper fuselage section is identical with that of the 707/720 and many parts and systems are interchangeable between the three types.
   The first production version was the Model 727-100 powered by three 62.28 kN (14,000 lb st) Pratt & Whitney JT8D-7 turbofans, with accommodation for up to 131 passengers. It was followed by the 727-100C convertible cargo-passenger; 727-100QC convertible cargo-passenger (using palletised passenger seats and galleys - and advanced cargo loading techniques - to complete conversion from all-passenger to all-cargo configuration in less than half an hour); and 727-100 Business Jet versions. The current production versions are the lengthened 727-200, accommodating 163-189 passengers; Advanced 727-200 with increased fuel capacity, ‘Superjet-look’ interior and an optional large ‘Carry-all’ compartment; and 727-200C convertible version for 137 passengers plus cargo in a mixed configuration.
   By August 1978 a total of 1,562 Model 727s had been sold, of which 1,366 had been delivered. The 727 is the only commercial transport aircraft to have exceeded 1,000 sales.
   Data (727-200): Engines three 64.5 kN (14,500 lb st) Pratt & Whitney JT8D-9A turbo­fans as standard Wing span 32.92 m (108 ft 0 in) Length 46.69 m (153 ft 2 in) Max T-O weight 95,027 kg (209,500 lb) Max cruising speed 964 km/h (599 mph) Range 2,685 - 3,966 km (1,670 - 2,464 miles)
'E1', the first Boeing 727, served as both prototype and first production example.
Boeing 727 (three Pratt & Whitney JT8D-1 turbofan engines)
Aerolineas Argentinas Boeing 727.
Air Canada Boeing 727.
Alaska Airlines Boeing 727.
Alia Boeing 727.
One-Eleven A40-BU waits its turn to follow Alia's Boeing 727 lor an early morning take-off from Abu Dhabi
One of three Boeing 727-200s delivered to Alitalia in late October 1976.
The Beech C99 taxies past a Boeing 727
Boeing 727-185C N12826 of American Flyers Airline (AFA) at John F. Kennedy Airport in New York, in 1968. A successful military and civilian charter operator, AFA is perhaps best-known as the airline that transported The Beatles around the USA for their concert tours during 1964-66.
Boeing Model 727-277 three-turbofan short/medium-range airliner in service with Ansett Airlines of Australia
Ariana Boeing 727 YA-FAU
С. Тарасенко, А. Калугин, А. Крамаревский, С. Койнов с зам. нач. Барнаульского ВВАУЛ п-ком В. Р. Кузюбердиным (в центре), прилетавшим в ДРА для анализа и обобщения опыта боевого применения авиации. Кандагар, 1985 г.
Боинг-727, купленный в США для афганского лидера Амина, сыграл в судьбе президента неблаговидную роль, дав советскому руководству повод подозревать того в заигрывании с американцами
После смены власти президентский Боинг-727 служил в афганской авиакомпании "Ариана", работавшей на зарубежных линиях
A Boeing 727-200, F-GCGQ, of the French charter company Belair, seen at Dublin bringing French supporters for a rugby match.
Boeing 727-78 short medium-range transport (three Pratt & Whitney JT8D-1 turbofan engines) in the insignia of BWIA
G-BAFZ, second of Dan-Air's three Boeing 727s, at Woolsington 18/4/73;
Boeing Model 727-251C (three Pratt & Whitney JT8D turbofan engines) in service with Dominicana
Early Boeing 727-25, N8107N, in Eastern Air Lines' original 'Fly Eastern' scheme of blue, red and gold at Kindley Field in 1964.
Eastern Airlines Boeing 727.
Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 727.
One of Evergreen International's earlier Boeing 727-30Cs, N726EV, at Atlanta. November 1984
As well as the DC-9, the Boeing 727 (on photo) was used by Hughes Airwest, making this airline’s fleet a perfect match with Republic's at the time of acquisition.
Hughes Airwest Boeing 727.
Iraqi Airways Boeing 727-200.
Kalair Corporation's Boeing 727-82 N46793, pictured at Heathrow on 3/10/1985, was formerly in service with TAP/Air Portugal as CS-TBP. The machine was noted crew training at Prestwick on 25/11/1985
Lufthansa Boeing 727-30 D-ABIG Kiel comes in to land at Heathrow in March 1969.
В Европе Boeing 727 эксплуатировали около 30 авиакомпаний. "Lufthansa" (на фото) разместила заказ на 727-100 в 1963 году и в следующем году стала первым европейским оператором этого типа. 727-й позволил не только расширить карту полетов "Lufthansa", но и обеспечил большую загрузку при сокращении времени на уже существующих маршрутах. Компания использовала 100-й и 200-й варианты 727-го до начала 1980-х годов, когда началась их постепенная замена на лайнеры "Airbus". Последний самолет был списан в 1993 году.
Mexicana Airlines Boeing 727.
Nigeria Airways' new Boeing 727-2F9 5N-ANQ was photographed during its delivery flight through Heathrow on 4/10/77
The first of Northwest's fleet of 56 Boeing 727s entered service in 1964. 727-2M7 N722RW is seen here on the approach to Los Angeles in October 1994.
Boeing 727-251 N261US. At present sixty-three 727s are in service, having replaced Boeing 720Bs, Electras and DC-6Bs on the airline's domestic routes
Renton, Washington, on 9th August 1977 when Boeing delivered their 3.000th jet airliner - a 727-251, N284US, c/n. 21323, for Northwest Orient Airlines
Один из "пан-американских" "Боингов"727-21, эксплуатировался на авиалиниях ФРГ и летавших в Западный Берлин.
Boeing 727 составляли значительную часть парка "Pan Am", всего авиакомпания закупила 97 таких самолетов, часть из них затем продали другим авиаперевозчикам.
Royal Air Cargo has recently acquired Boeing 727-171 C-FPXD (c/n 76658) for parcel operations out of Toronto, Canada. The dark blue-painted aircraft was built in 1968.
В авиарегистре Непала числилось шесть Boeing 727, первым из которых стал борт 9N-ABD. Первоначально предназначавшийся компании "Cruziero do Sul", в 1972 году этот самолет был поставлен "Royal Nepal". Машина получила имя "Yeti" и прослужила вплоть до своего списания в конце 1993 года.
Some 175 ex-airline aircraft are in corporate or VIP use worldwide, one example being the Boeing 727-30 of Sigair Limited
Boeing Model 727-2J4 three-turbofan short/medium-range airliner in the insignia of Sterling Airways
Trans-Australia Airlines Boeing 727.
Transportes Aereos Portugueses (TAP) Boeing 727.
Transair Sweden Boeing 727 SE-DDA "Sunjet" at Exeter
Trans World Airlines (TWA) Boeing 727.
TWA эксплуатировала 727-й на протяжении 36 лет, заказав первые 10 машин в 1963 году и начав их регулярные полеты на линии Индианаполис - Нью-Йорк 1 июня 1964 года. В дальнейшем компания получила еще 50 машин, сняв последние из них с эксплуатации в 2000 году.
The Boeing 727 was UAL’s mainstay on the short and medium-haul routes and by the mid-1980s more than 150 were in service. Some 20 years separate the two examples pictured and serve to highlight the change in livery.
The Boeing 727 was UAL’s mainstay on the short and medium-haul routes and by the mid-1980s more than 150 were in service. Some 20 years separate the two examples pictured and serve to highlight the change in livery, the latest scheme being shown here.
United Airlines Boeing 727.
The 1,500th Boeing 727 (an Advanced 727-200}.
Boeing 727-100QF
Compared with the passenger market which is predicted to have a somewhat turbulent future, the air freight market is set to stabilise at a healthy and more predictable level. Approximately 41% of air freight is carried by small narrow body types, led by the Boeing 727 such as this one (N144FE) in service with FedEx.
With Flemish title to port and French to starboard, this Belgian Air Force Boeing 727-29C was making its first Heathrow visit as CB02 on 21/11/76, but formerly visited as OO-STD of SABENA
The sole C-22A, 84-0193, is assigned to US Southern Command and normally operates from Howard AB, Panama, for the personal use of Southcom's C-in-C.
The C-22Bs, operated by the District of Columbia ANG from Andrews AFB, have the US Air Force legend on the front fuselage, providing immediate distinction from the C-22A.