ASL Valkyrie
Страна: Великобритания
Год: 1910

"Вэлкири". На самолете этого типа Хокер впервые поднялся в воздух.
Part of the Aeronautical Syndicate's Valkyrie fleet at Hendon in May 1911.
The Aeronautical Syndicate’s Valkyrie C No 4 at Hendon in March 1911 with a Mr Chambers about to take a training flight.
A machine of somewhat unorthodox design was the "Valkyrie" tail-first monoplane - the 1911 racing model being shown here - designed by H. Barber and built at Hendon. The machine illustrated had a Gnome engine, but other models had Green engines. It will be noticed that there was no horizontal tail surface at the rear, only two vertical rudders. In front, however, there was a fixed horizontal plane, as well as an elevator.
1911. - "Valkyrie" tail-first racing model monoplane, designed by H. Barber and built at Hendon.
The three-seat Valkyrie C No 2 with designer Horatio Barber seated in the centre. The 39ft-span machine was powered by a 60 h.p. Green engine and was priced at £1,000.
The first cargo flight in Britain: Horatio Barber and his ASL Valkyrie, July 4, 1911