Gevers 6-650 Genesis
Страна: США
Год: 1998
Летающая лодка (проект)

Amphibious monoplane
In clean configuration, with wings retracted, the Gevers Genesis looks very much like a wing-in-ground-effect vehicle, its large highly-swept fin and T-tail providing directional and pitch stability for less weight than a conventional fuselage.
Isometric view of Gevers 6-650 Genesis (1996)
Front views of Genesis, showing landing gear configurations for water and runway operation, and cruising flight (1996)
Gevers 6-650 Genesis variable span amphibian (1996)
Three-view drawing of the six-seat Gevers Genesis with additional side view (upper) of the four-seat variant. The lower scrap views show the aircraft in cruise, water landing and ski-equipped configurations.