Ikarus C42
Страна: Германия
Год: 1996

Two-seat ultralight
The Comco Ikarus C42 3-axis microlight is used for training
The venerable Skyranger Classic microlight, with an Ikarus C42 parked behind it
An Ikarus C42, a 3-axis microlight at Norwich airport, with pilot Ray Wilkinson
Ikarus C 42 folded for storage (1998)
Loosely translated, the `personal' registration on this German Ikarus C42 signifies ``This is Horst Kny's kite'' (1999)
Production Ikarus C 42, used as a demonstrator (1999)
Flying over Hertfordshire at 1,200ft in the C42
Inside an Ikarus C42 trainer cockpit. Note the central control column and dual control rudder pedals
Ikarus C 42 (Rotax 912 UL piston engine) (1999)