Armstrong Whitworth F.K.8
Страна: Великобритания
Год: 1916

"Армстронг-Уитворт" F.K.8 сер. N B3339 из состава 17-й или 47-й эскадрильи RAF, сбитый болгарской зенитной артиллерией летом или осенью 1918г.
Leonard Clarke passes a hand-held camera to the observer of Armstrong Whitworth F.K.8 B3312, from same production batch as B3306. A fixed Williamson L type aerial camera is already attached to the fuselage by the pilot's cockpit, aimed down through the wing root cutaway. The complex undercarriage fitted here was later replaced by a simpler vee-strut unit.
"Армстронг Уитворт" F.K.8 - приобретение двух подобных машин, собственно говоря, и позволило QANTAS получить контракт на перевозку правительственной почты по маршруту Чарлевилл - Клонкарри и выделиться среди десятка других подобных почти "любительских" авиакомпаний, образованных пилотами-ветеранами Первой Мировой.
During World War One 82 Squadron flew the Armstrong Whitworth FK.8 on operations in France. C8636 at Argenvilliers in mid-1918 with Captain Fagan - the pilot on the right - and Lieutenant Ely - observer, on the left
FK.8 C8636 ‘14’ at Bonneuil, probably in March 1918, with Sergeant Norton in the gunner’s cockpit.
Rare flying view shows 82’s FK.8 ‘A’ on December 1, 1918, whilst being flown by Lieutenants Ramsbotliam and Boyes.
Mr Clarke poses with his aerial camera in front of Armstrong Whitworth F.K.8 B3306. The F.K.8, along with the R.E.8, was the B.E.2e’s successor, and is seen here with the original inefficient radiators which ran up the fuselage sides and met in front of the top centre section. These were later replaced by more compact elements on fuselage sides alone. Also visible in this view is the camera access hole in the fuselage by the pilot's cockpit.