Fanaero-Chile Chincol
Страна: Чили
Год: 1955

Единственный экземпляр
The Fanaero-Chile Chincol primary trainer prototype flown in December 1955.
The Chincol tandem two-seat primary-basic trainer of the mid-'fifties.
FANAERO-CHILE CHINCOL. The Chincol is the first Chilean-designed aeroplane to go into mass-production, a contract for fifty having been placed last year by the Chilean air force.
The tandem-seat, fully aerobatic, primary trainer Chincol has classic lines and falls into the same category as the de Havilland D.H.C 1 Chipmunk. Unlike the Chipmunk the Chincol is of mixed wood and metal construction and has 60 per cent greater power by utilising a 215-h.p. Continental O-470-11 air-cooled flat-six engine. The all-up weight is some 300 lb. greater and the increased power does not give a better all-round performance except in service ceiling. In this respect the Chincol matches the Chipmunk's 15,800 ft. with 17,716 ft. Part of the additional a.u.w. results from increased fuel tankage which gives the Chincol 404 miles to the Chipmunk's 280 miles.
The prototype Chincol, first flown on 14th December 1955, was constructed by hand at the "El Bosque" military base in Santiago. The truncated Fanaero-Chile stems from the full title of Fabrica Nacional de Aeronaves (National Aircraft Factory).
A Chilean wood called Manio is used for the cantilever wing and parts of the welded-steel fuselage . Although not so equipped on the prototype, the production Chincol will have split flaps. The undercarriage is fixed. One of the important features of this Chilean trainer is the generous cockpit canopy which permits excellent all-round vision.