Crouch-Bolas Dragonfly
Страна: США
Год: 1934

Единственный экземпляр
Crouch-Bolas Dragonfly of 1934 in its original form powered by a pair of Bolas-designed Dragon IV-Gs. Note the four-bladed cooling fans in the lower engine cowlings and the original-style nose section.
Head-on view of the Dragonfly re-engined with two Menasco B4s driving large diameter propellers. The aircraft's tail is raised on a trestle.
The Crouch-Bolas Dragonfly after receiving a new paint scheme, redesigned nose section providing an enhanced forward view, and a tailwheel in place of the original skid.
In its final configuration Dragonfly X13262 taking off from Colonel Green's private flying field at Round Hill, Massachusets, circa 1934.
In this three-view drawing of the Crouch-Bolas Dragonfly, the downward tilt of the engines is apparent. Over 70% of the total wing area was covered by propeller slipstream.
Three-view of the Crouch-Bolas B-40 Pursuit monoplane project.
Three-view drawing of the projected Bolas B-37 Speed Ranger passenger transport.