Boulton Paul P92/2
Страна: Великобритания
Год: 1941

Единственный экземпляр
The Boulton-Paul P.92/2 half-scale model for a Vulture-engined fighter with a large dish-shaped turret in the centre-section, carrying four 20-mm. cannon.
The P92/2, V3142, aerodynamic test-bed was built by Heston Aircraft.
Air Ministry Specification F.11/37, issued in May 1937, called for a twin-engined two-seat fighter fitted with four 20mm cannon in a power-operated turret. A contract was placed with Boulton Paul for the P.92, a half-scale model of which was built by Heston Aircraft as the P.92/2, serial V3142, seen here. The dome atop the fuselage represented the outline of the wide-diameter low-profile turret.
The Boulton Paul P.92-2, a half-scale flying model of the F 11/37 Fighter Monoplane which was built by Heston Aircraft, Ltd.
The Heston-built Boulton Paul P.92/2 was a half-scale research aircraft for the unbuilt P.92 cupola-equipped fighter.
Boulton Paul’s submission to Specification F11/37 never progressed beyond this piloted half-scale model, the P.92/2 V3142. Note the hump where the turret would have been on the full-size P.92.