Техноавиа СМ-92 Финист / SMG-92 Turbo Finist
Страна: Россия
Год: 1992

Light multipurpose STOL aircraft
Second prototype Technoavia SM-92 Finist (1999)
Second SM-92P, ordered by the Russian Federal Border Service (1999)
The stylish compactness of the Turbo Finist belies its load carrying capacity for both skydiving work and general passenger operations. Note the presence of the substantial step beneath the cabin door and the grab handle to simplify egress for parachutists. The large cabin door can be totally removed for skydiving operations and facilitates loading of cargo when the aircraft is used as a light transport.
Первые месяцы 1999 года стали роковыми для опытного самолета СМ-92 "Финист"
Technoavia SM-92 Finist seven-seat STOL aircraft (1998)
Three-view drawing of SMG-92 Turbo Finist