Douglas B-42 Mixmaster
Douglas - B-42 Mixmaster - 1944 - США
Страна: США
Год: 1944

From the same brain that gave the world the Douglas DC-3, this E.F. Burton conception for a DH Mosquito-style fast day bomber stemmed from an early 1943 company-funded study. With its twin 1.325hp Allison V-1710-93s housed side-by-side within the fuselage and driving pusher contra-rotating propellers via a gearbox and extension shaft, the two-man Douglas XB-42 was the subject of a June 1943 US Army Air Force contract, involving the building of two examples. This curious pusher type first flew on 6 May 1944, and could reach a top level speed of 410mph at 23,440 feet. Cruising at around 312mph, the range was 1.840 miles with a bombload of 8.000lb. Shown here is the second example, 43.50225. The XB-42 evolved into the jet-powered XB-43.