Convair ConvAirCar / Model 116 / Model 118
Convair - ConvAirCar / Model 116 / Model 118 - 1946 - США
Страна: США
Год: 1946

Hall Flying Automobile

   Теодор П. Холл, главный специалист по рационализации в корпорации "Consolidated Vultee Aircraft", спроектировал гибрид самолета и автомобиля. Он был построен в виде прототипа и испытан фирмой "Convair" в ноябре 1947 года. Когда эта компания решила отказаться от проекта, права на конструкцию отошли Холлу, основавшему фирму "T.P. Hall Engineering" в Сан-Диего, Калифорния, для продолжения разработки и серийного производства. <...>
The idea of producing a car that flies has been around for a long time. Glenn Curtiss had built an Aerocar in 1917. It did not generate mass market appeal then or since, but, nonetheless, the appeal of the concept appears to have been addictive to more than one designer, as is seen with these two post-World War II examples. This is the sole Convair Model 118, NX.90850, intended to be the production version of the Convair Model 116 prototype first flown on 12 July 1946. During the latter part of 1946, this technology demonstrator made 66 flights. At this juncture, it might have been prudent to put a hold on development effort and take time out to ask if there were any buyers for an aerocar. As history shows, there weren't; but much time and effort clearly went into producing a stylishly glossy product in the shape of the Model 118. Powered by a 190hp Lycoming O-435C for flying, the two seat car carried its own engine for road use. First flown from Lindburgh Field, San Diego on 15 November 1947, the Model 118 failed to arouse even lukewarm market interest and it, along with its very senior designer/advocate were both quietly abandoned in late 1948.
Аппарат Hall Flying Automobile - одна из самых успешных попыток создания летающего автомобиля - был также известен как ConvAircar. Фирма "Convair" одно время планировала собрать до 1600 таких машин, чьи автомобильные блоки должны были продаваться, а летные комплекты - арендоваться. Но ConvAircar разбился в своем третьем полете, после чего программу закрыли.