Hunting H.126
Страна: Великобритания
Год: 1963

Единственный экземпляр
Jet-flap research aircraft
26 мая 1963 года поднялся в воздух экспериментальный самолет Hunting Н.126, предназначенный для испытаний реактивных закрылков. Весь воздушный поток от ТРД Orpheus проходил через специальные термостойкие закрылки, что обеспечивало значительное увеличение подъемной силы крыла.
The Hunting H.126 built to test the jet-flap principle and which was tested by NASA in 1969/70 and is now at RAE Bedford awaiting a decision on its future disposal.
The sole Hunting H.126, first flown on 26 March 1963, was built to investigate the 'Jet Flap' concept, developed by a team at Britain's National Gas Turbine Establishment. The idea was that by ducting the main bulk of jet engine exhaust to the wings, where it could flow out uniformly through a full span slot towards the wing's rear, this would aid wing lift and allow the use of a smaller, lighter wing. Powered by a 5.000lb s.t. Bristol Siddeley Orpheus 805, the H.126 seemed an overly complex means to prove the point, having a puffer jet, low speed control system and other such 'add-ons'. The H.126 made well over 100 flights, but there are indications that the amount of thermal insulation required by the exhaust distribution system outweighed the intended structural weight savings. The other obvious question was what happened if the engine failed?
BAC H.126 jet-flap research aircraft (Bristol Siddeley Orpheus turbojet engine)