Grob spn
Страна: Германия
Год: 2005

In the spn Grob has incorporated much of its experience with high-performance sailplanes to produce an aircraft with exceptionally smooth surfaces, free from drag-inducing blemishes.
For flight test measurements a long pitot static probe was fitted to the aircraft. This will be removed for production aircraft. The first prototype, seen here, is being used for performance and flight dynamics testing.
Grob Aerospace Grob G.180 SPn D-CGSP made its first flight on September 29,2006, but was sadly destroyed in a fatal crash on November 29, 2006.
Appropriately registered Grob G180 SPn Utility Jet prototype D-ISPN makes its first flight on July 20, 2005 from Allgau Airport, near Memmingen, southern Germany.
Flight trials were carried out to demonstrate the spn’s ability to operate from grass airfields.
Цельнокомпозитный административный самолет Grob G-180 SPn впервые был представлен летным образом
The first prototype of the Grob G180 SPn utility jet
Элегантный Grob из Баварии
The Grob G180 SPn was designed as a rugged 'utility jet' to appeal to a sector of the market that has proven lucrative for the Pilatus PC-24
Over 2,000 FJ44 series engines are now in use and have demonstrated a high reliability rate, with hot and cold section inspection intervals set at 2,000 and 4,000 hours respectively.
Although the spn is approved for single pilot operation, the cockpit installation is configured for an optional second pilot and will allow either to fly the aircraft. The primary flight displays ahead of the control yokes and centrally-located multi-function displays of the Primus Apex all-glass cockpit are clearly visible in this photograph.
Grob has engaged the Porsche Design Studio to carry out the detailed work on the cabin seating and layout, bringing the clean lines of Porsche cars to the spn’s interior with state-of-the-art ergonomics, luxury materials and a fresh, contemporary feel to the cabin.
Grob SPn
Three view drawing of the Grob spn.