Rockwell X-30 National Aero-Space Plane (NASP)
Страна: США
Год: 1993

The blended body and integrated propulsion system is shown to good effect in this representation of a sub-orbital flight with the heavyweight X-30, now being re-sized.
A hypothetical passenger-carrying version of the US National Aero-Space Plane as seen by Lockheed in a 1985 representation incorporates blended wing and body but with ramjet propulsion devoid of a waverider configuration.
Military applications of NASP-related technology stimulated the concept for this methane-fuelled reconnaissance aircraft capable of Mach 5 at 100,000ft.
This wedge-blend high speed interceptor concept in a Mach 5 design was a favoured application of high-temperature metals and ramjet propulsion in 1986 when NASP studies prompted radical engineering initiatives.
In the original large-scale configuration for X-30, the NASP was designed as a manned, reusable, aerospace vehicle, capable of demonstrating sustained flight from subsonic speed to Mach 25.