Messerschmitt P.1211
Страна: Германия
Год: 1957

This sketch dated February 12, 1957, shows the unusual delta+canard configuration of the Messerschmitt P.1211 and the “Fahrwerksseitige Einrichtung fur Senkrecht-Start und Landung” - Undercarriage Equipment for Vertical Take-off and Landing. The nose section appears to be articulated, perhaps for ease of entry and egress.
A contemporary inboard profile illustration of the P.1211 showing detail including the rocket projectiles stacked in a bay aft of the pilot and the Gyron Junior PS.50 afterburning turbojet. In the event, the Luftwaffe received more than 900 F-104G Starfighters, some 292 of which were lost, resulting in the deaths of 116 pilots