CASA C-212 Aviocar
Страна: Испания
Год: 1971

Twin-turboprop STOL utility transport
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CASA C-212 Aviocar (Spain)
   The Aviocar twin-turboprop light utility STOL transport was evolved to perform a variety of military and civil roles, but primarily to replace the mixed fleet of Junkers Ju 52/3m, Douglas DC-3 and Azor transport aircraft formerly in service with the Spanish Air Force.
   The prototype first flew on 26 March 1971 and by 1978 a total of 136 production aircraft had been sold. Versions include the C-2 12A military transport, ordered by the air forces of Indonesia (13), Jordan (3), Portugal (20) and Spain (45 as T.12Bs); C-212AV VIP transport operated by the air forces of Jordan (9) and Spain (5); C-212B photographic survey version delivered to the air forces of Portugal (4) and Spain (6 as TR.12As); C-212C commercial transport accommodating 19 passengers; and C-212E navigation trainer, of which two are operated by the Spanish Air Force. In addition, Aviocars are produced in Indonesia by Nurtanio. A higher-powered, higher-weight version with 645 kW (865 shp) AiResearch TPE 331-10 turboprop engines is under development as the C-212-10.
   Data: Engines two 559 kW (750 shp) Garrett-AiResearch TPE 331-5-251C turboprops Wing span 19.0 m (62 ft 4 in) Length 15.2m (49 ft 10 1/2 in) Max T-O weight 6,500 kg (14,330 lb) Max level speed 359 km/h (223 mph) Range 1,760 km (1,093 miles) Accommodation (C-212A) 18 troops, 15 paratroops, 12 stretchers and two medical attendants or 2,000 kg (4,410 1b) of freight, including light vehicles
A Nurtanio-assembled CASA 212C Aviocar operated in Indonesia by Bouraq Indonesian Airlines.
Иордания приобрела четыре C.212 в середине 1970-х годов - они использовались как легкие транспортные в составе 3-й эскадрильи. На 2013 год в эксплуатации остался только один.
C.212 активно поставлялись в испаноговорящие страны Центральной и Южной Америки. Авиация ВМС Венесуэлы эксплуатирует семь самолетов - четыре транспортных C.212-400 и три патрульных C.212-200S43 Patrullero (на рисунке). Последние оснащены поисковой РЛС Telephonies RDR 1550B и привлекаются к патрулированию, поисково-спасательным операциям и поиску подводных лодок противника. С максимальным запасом топлива продолжительность полета превышает 6 часов.
One of the first customers for the Nurtanio-assembled C-212 Aviocar was Merpati Nusantara Airlines, one of the two aircraft delivered to this operator being seen here.
Nurtanio’s demonstrator in company with another early Nurtanio-assembled Aviocar.
Большинство C.212 были выпущены на предприятии CASA в Севилье, но более 100 самолетов, NC-212, были выпущены индонезийской IPTN. Данные машины варианта T-12B предназначались для ВВС Испании.
The two most important transport aircraft types in the inventory of the Ejercito del Aire, the CASA C-212A Aviocar. seen in service with Escuadron 351 of Ala de Transporte 35
A CASA C-212 Aviocar military transport in service with Spain's Ejercito del Aire.
Aviocar в значительных количествах поступил на вооружение ВВС Испании (79 машин). Большинство из них использовались в качестве транспортных, но часть самолетов применялись как поисково-спасательные, морские патрульные и учебные. Сегодня самолеты C.212 стоят на вооружении 721-й эскадрильи, также известной как школа подготовки парашютистов.
Транспортно-десантный C.212 может вмещать 19 парашютистов (на модификации Series 400 - до 24 парашютистов). Здесь представлен вариант NC.212, построенный IPTN для индонезийской армии.
Несколько C.212 использовались одной из американских частных военных компаний для обеспечения контингента ВС США в Афганистане. На фотографии - один из самолетов сбрасывает груз в провинции Пактика в 2007 году.
Based at the King Abdullah Air Base in Amman, CASA C212A Aviocar utility transports supplement the Hercules of No 3 Squadron and are used to support desert outposts.
Recent interesting visitors through Glasgow were CASA C.212s for the Dominican (shown) and Venezuelan air arms. FAD-3500 is the first of two Series 400s on order and is named ‘Duarte’ (c/n 468).
CASA C-212-400M of the Suriname Air Force (1999)
One of 12 CASA 212s delivered to the FAPA in two batches of eight and four.
Транспортный CASA C-212 «Авиокар» 3-й АЭ ВВС Зимбабве. Фото не ранее 2005 г.
CASA C-212-400M, one of three delivered in 1998 to the Venezuelan Navy (1999)
Recent interesting visitors through Glasgow were CASA C.212s for the Dominican and Venezuelan (shown) air arms. FAD-3500 is the first of two Series 400s on order and is named ‘Duarte’ (c/n 468). It arrived with three 212MPAs for the Venezuelan Navy, ARV-0403, seen here, plus 0401 and 0404. These aircraft, together with ARV-0402, later w/o, originally passed through Glasgow on delivery in March 1986.
Португалия эксплуатирует 18 самолетов, в основном как транспортные в составе ВВС, но две машины были модернизированы по стандарту Series 300 (обратите внимание на винглеты) и получили поисковые РЛС.
This Portuguese C-212 Aviocar, with MAD boom, is in service with Esq 401 at BA-1.
In the foreground is 16501. ‘1’ for in service; ‘6’ for transport, ‘5’ for the type and ‘01’ showing it to be the first of the fifth type. ECM-equipped CASA C.212A-1 16501 of Esquadra 502 at Sintra with behind fellow 16505, a C.212A-2.
An FAU UH-1H Huey approaches to land with a C212 Aviocar parked on the circular section of the road also used by the Dragonflies to park overnight.
C.212-300 имеет характерные винглеты и удлиненную носовую часть фюзеляжа. Три самолета используются Береговой охраной Аргентины и преимущественно привлекаются для патрулирования исключительной экономической зоны и охраны районов рыболовства.
A total of 47 CASA 212s are in service with 11 different operators for maritime patrol duties, including this C212-400 Patrullero which was delivered last December to the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture, Fishing and Food. It is the first series aircraft to incorporate a 360 search radar and will undertake inspection, surveillance and support missions for the Spanish fishing fleet.
C-212-400MP Patrullero delivered to the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food in December 1998 (1999)
Семь C.212-400 используются ВМС Мексики в качестве морских патрульных и оснащены поисковой РЛС Raytheon SeaVue и инфракрасной камерой переднего обзора FLIR Systems SAFIRE II. Поставки были начаты в 2004 году.
An odd-ball type in the USCG aircraft inventory is this CASA C-212 300 Aviocar initially leased but today operating from the air station at Opa Locka. It is used extensively for support of rotary wing operations in connection with the drug war, and on general logistic duties.
Airbus Military C212-400 SE-MGZ/8983 is seen lining up on the runway at San Pablo Airport, Seville, on January 31, 2013, the last Spanish-built Aviocar to depart the manufacturer's facility.
26 марта 1971г.: первый полет прототипа двухдвигательного транспортного самолета УКВП CASA С.212 Aviocar, предназначенного для замены в испанских ВВС самолетов CASA 207 Azors, Douglas C-47 и Ju 52/3m местной постройки.
The accompanying photograph of the CASA C.212 Aviocar STOL utility transport prototype was taken at Le Bourget just before an inadvertent asymmetric reverse thrust selection resulted in a heavy landing and a broken mainspar. The Aviocar had been under test since 26 March 1971, and it is anticipated that a second prototype will shortly join the flight test programme, current plans calling for a pre-series of 12 aircraft with production deliveries commencing in 1973. Designed primarily for military operation, the Aviocar can accommodate 15 paratroops and a jumpmaster or 10 casualty stretchers, three seated casualties and medical attendants. The Spanish Air Force has a requirement for some 50 Aviocars to replace its aged Junkers Ju 52/3m transports.
Pre-production examples of the CASA C.212 Aviocar twin-turboprop military transport and general-purpose aircraft
Spanish A.F. CASA C.212 Aviocar "741:13" of No. 741 Escuadron carried out a supply drop; also present was "741:32"
CASA C-212 Aviocar.
CASA C.212 Aviocar military transport and general-purpose aircraft for the Spanish Air Force (two 776 ehp AiResearch TPE 331-5-251C turboprop engines)
CASA C.212 Aviocar military transport and general-purpose aircraft in the insignia of the Portuguese Air Force
CASA C.212A-1 16501 (formerly 6501) is one of two which can receive ECM equipment. In this case, the standard nose indicates the normal use as cargo aircraft.
Зимбабвийский военно-транспортный самолет CASA C.212-200
Чилийцы использовали для разведки приграничных районов Аргентины самолеты EMB-111 и CASA 212 (фото)
Resident aircraft photographed recently at Djakarta's domestic airport include Nomad (???) PK-PCZ
The CASA C-212-200 Aviocar FAC 1150 "Guapi"photographed at Glasgow Airport on 4 August 1984 by James Stewart.
Aircraft of the Bophuthatswana Defence Force: CASA C-212 Aviocar 200 (T300)
Geoterrex's CASA 212 C-GDPP routed Odense-Southend-Waterford on 9/1/98. The aircraft has magnetometer/sensor booms front and rear
Легкий многоцелевой самолет CASA 212-100
CASA brought two examples of the C-212 to Farnborough, including the Srs 300 demonstrator ECT-131 with its new wing-tips and lengthened nose. This aircraft is shown with the standard rear fuselage
CASA brought two examples of the C-212 to Farnborough, including the Srs 300 demonstrator ECT-131 with its new wing-tips and lengthened nose. This aircraft is shown with the deeper fairing that can replace the ventral loading doors and ramp.
Also present was a C-212M (ECT-134) with nose radar and wing hardpoints.
Seen outside the OGMA maintenance facility in October 1994 was this Esq 401 CASA C.212-300 17202 undergoing trials before delivery to the FAP.
Nose radar (and optional FLIR) detail of the CASA C-212-300MP Patrullero (1995)
Flight deck of the C-212 Series 300 (1999)
Flight deck of the C-212 Series 400 (1999)
Almost half of the military transport planes under 10 tonnes flying today are built by CASA. For 75 years at CASA we have been researching, developing and perfecting the most versatile integrated military transport system in the world, making us the authentic specialists. For this reason no one else can offer a range that is so complete, in constant development and adapted to all areas of use.
CASA C.212 Aviocar twin-turboprop light transport aircraft
The CASA C-212 continues to sell well and is now offered in the uprated Srs 300 form, with new upturned wing-tips, a lengthened nose cone and an optional aerodynamic fairing for the rear underside of the fuselage, as shown in the lower of the two side views in the drawing below.
CASA C-212 Series 300 (1999)