Sunderland MOBA 2C
Страна: Австралия
Год: 1980
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M.Hardy. Gliders & Sailplanes of the world

M.Hardy. Gliders & Sailplanes of the world

Sunderland MOBA 2C

  Designed and built by Mr Gary Sunderland of Heatherton, Victoria, an engineer with the Australian Department of Civil Aviation, the MOBA 2C is a Standard Class single-seater developed from the MOBA 2A, one of two 13m span sailplanes that competed with each other in 1972 in a design competition organised by the Australian Gliding Federation. MOBA is an acronym for My Own Bloody Aircraft, and the MOBA 2B was a 15m span version of the 2A; the 2C is an improved version of both the earlier models with a 15m span and the fin and rudder height increased to 4ft. The prototype 2C made its first flight on 12 December 1979 and is a cantilever high wing monoplane of mixed construction with a T-tail; series production is not intended. The single-spar wings are built in three pieces and have plywood ribs with PVC foam infilling, and a skin of pop-riveted aluminium alloy sheet covered with glassfibre. The plain aluminium alloy flaps on the trailing edge also serve as air brakes, and the wooden ailerons are plywood-covered. The nose and centre fuselage are box structures of sheet aluminium alloy with a non-structural glassfibre skin, while the tail boom is of flush-riveted aluminium alloy sheet. The fin and rudder are also of flush-riveted aluminium, while the tailplane and elevator are of wood and plywood. Landing gear consists of a retractable monowheel and a fixed tailskid, while the pilot sits under a forward-sliding canopy.

Data: MOBA 2C
Span: 49 ft 2 1/2 in
Length: 22 ft 3 in
Height: 4 ft 4 in
Wing area: 97.7 sq ft
Aspect ratio: 24.74
Empty weight: 499 lb
Max weight: 730 lb
Max speed: 121 mph (in smooth air)
Max aero-tow speed: 101 mph
Min sinking speed: 2.0 ft/sec at 52 mph
Best glide ratio: 37:1 at 57.5 mph
Sunderland MOBA-2C.