Gordon Dove
Страна: Великобритания
Год: 1937

Single-seat ultra-light monoplane
Bearing the name of its builder, Premier Aircraft Constructions Ltd of Maylands aerodrome, romford, on its rudder, the first of three Gordon Dove single-seat ultralights, G-AETU, displays its neat lines. Designed by S.C. Buszard and powered by a 750 c.c. Douglas Sprite engine, the Dove had a fixed, spatted main undercarriage and bracing struts from the fin to the tailplane. This aircraft first flew on March 3, 1937, and its Authorisation to Fly was issued the following day. Used by the Romford Flying Club, ’ETU survived until February 6, 1940, when it was burned in a hangar fire at Maylands. In addition to the other two Doves completed, another five were allocated registrations but were not built.
The Gordon Dove G-AETU, with old Hillsons hangar in background. Gordon Dove G-AETU was destroyed in a hangar fire at Maylands, home of the Romford Aero Club, on February 6, 1940.
The two photographs show the similarity between the Gordon Dove and the Tipsy S.2. The Dove, top, appeared two years after the S.2 but outlived it. The S.2 was powered by a 28 h.p. Douglas Sprite and had a maximum speed of 95 m.p.h. The first S.2s were built by Avions Fairey, and nine British examples were constructed by Aero Engines Ltd at Bristol in 1937, but all of them had disappeared by the end of the year.
The panel of the Dove, instrumentated with the barest essentials. Of the eight Doves allocated British registrations only three were built.
The Gordon "Dove"