Breguet Br.460 Vultur
Breguet - Br.460 Vultur - 1935 - Франция
Страна: Франция
Год: 1935

Twin-engined multi-seat fighter monoplane
Бомбардировщик "Бреге-460", погибший в разведывательном полете 5 марта 1937 года
The Breguet 462-B-4 "Vultur" Multi-seat Fighter Monoplane (two Gnome-Rhone 14No engine).
Part of the Presidential escort before the Breguet Vultur (462 B4) heavy bomber.
In the foreground is the ANF 200A-3 three-seat army co-operation parasol monoplane. ANF was a somewhat compact abbreviation for Les Ateliers de Constructions du Nord de la France et des Mureaux and also known as simply ‘Mureaux’. The 200 was a development of the 113R.2 and 115.R2 reconnaissance and light fighter parasols. To the right is the ANF 190C-1 prototype single-seat fighter. Immediately in the background is the Morane-Saulnier MS.430 and behind it the Breguet 462 Vultur. At top right is the nose of the huge four-engined Farman 224 No.11 in Air France colours and named 'Centaure II'.
The new Breguet 460 (two 800 h.p. Mistral Majors);
A real flying citadel: the Breguet 460-M5 multi-seater is estimated to do 239 m.p.h. at over 13,000 ft. with a pair of 900 h.p. Gnome Rhone Mistral Majors
Most of my paintings have some remote chance of being possible. I take care to collect accurate reference and correct details to back up my idea Seemingly unconnected elements - girl machine / graphic style - are arranged in a compatible time slot, e g Jane Russell/B-17, Marlene Dietrich/Ju 90 etc. This one, I am afraid, is way off, and is just what the title says, my personal French favourites.
Bebe would have been about 2yr old when l'Armee de l'Air fielded this frightful formation of flying glasshouses. She had become a sweet fifteen by the time Saoutchik fashioned this chrome gateau of a car - the 1949 Delahaye 175 I cannot find any aviation connection, alas, for the Sex Kitten, perhaps, then, she is fortunate to have both feet firmly on the ground while the Force de Frappe drones overhead. Who said Concorde was noisy...?
Anticlockwise, the bombers are Farman F 221, Farman F4-X (transport), Farman F 221-10, Amiot 143, Aerienne Bordelaise AB 21, Amiot 143, Breguet 460, Potez 540.