Seversky SEV-2PA / AT-12
Seversky - SEV-2PA / AT-12 - 1937 - США
Страна: США
Год: 1937

Two-seat convoy fighter
Seversky P-35

  На основе P-35 был разработан экспортный двухместный 2PA Guardsman с мотором Wright R-1820 Cyclone мощностью 1000 л. с. 20 таких самолетов продали Японии, два - СССР, Швеция заказала 52 истребителя-бомбардировщика 2PA, но получила только две машины, остальные отошли USAAC, правда, в несколько ином виде. Истребители-бомбардировщики USAAC не требовались, поэтому самолеты использовались как учебные для повышенной подготовки летчиков и обозначались AT-12.
The Seversky AT-12 of Planes of Fame over its base at Chino, California.
In 1937 the X-BT was re-engined with an 850 h.p. Wright R-1820-G2 Cyclone and offered as the SEV-2PA Convoy (i.e. Escort) Fighter. It had flaps and drooping ailerons.
The 2PA-3B, which appeared in 1939, was an aerodynamically refined version of the Convoy Fighter with a long-range internal fuel tank and increased span. A Cyclone replaced the Twin Wasp.
After reading the feature Republic's 'Jug' in AE89, Peter Green has forwarded this photo of Seversky 2PA-200 NX2586 at Martlesham Heath, Suffolk, on March 13, 1939. The aircraft is thought to have been appraised by the test team, though not taken on charge by the Air Ministry - hence no RAF serial. The layout of the 'Sever/Sky' lettering on the fuselage is of interest, too. Neither this aircraft nor its visit are referred to in the article, but the registration is the one previous to the demonstrator that went to Sweden in 1939.
Двухместный истребитель SEV-2PA-L "Конвой Файтер"
Для своего времени крыло SEV-2PA-L было хорошо механизировано
YET ANOTHER U.S. DESIGNATION: Major Alexander de Seversky takes off in the so-called "Convoy Fighter" (Wright Cyclone).
The SEV-2PA-L built in 1938 for export to the Soviet Union
The Russian government purchased two Convoy Fighters in 1938, one SEV-2PA-L landplane, seen here, and one amphibian, and acquired production rights. They had 1,000 h.p. Wright R-1820-G3 Cyclones and could carry two 0-50in or 0-30in calibre machine-guns on the nose and two in the wings. A movable 0-50in calibre gun was fitted in the rear cockpit, and 250lb bombs could be carried on underwing racks.
"Конвой Файтер" в полете
The Seversky 2-PA-L Two-seat Convoy Fighter (1,000 h.p. Wright "Cyclone" engine).
The amphibious SEV-2PA-A. also for the Soviet Union.
AMPHIBIAN FIGHTER - Virtually the so-called “Convoy” fighter with amphibian gear, this machine is seen before being dismantled for shipment from America to Russia. If the wings are used as tanks a range of 6,000 miles is claimed to be possible. By interchanging wing panels and power units the machine can be used as a trainer, for observation, or as a light bomber. Quantity production in Russia is probable.
NX1307, the SEV-2PA-A amphibian for Russia, had an experimental 1,000 h.p. XR-1820 Cyclone.
Амфибия SEV-2PA-A
Швеция стала третьей страной, получившей SEV-2PA-L
После запрета правительством США поставки 50 двухместных 2PA-204L Швеции эти самолеты как AT-12 поступили на вооружение авиации Армии США. На самолетах остались приборы, проградуированные в метрической системе. AT-12 ограниченно использовались как учебные в начальный период Второй мировой войны.
На учебных AT-12 стояли моторы Pratt & Whitney R-1830-45 мощностью 1050 л. с., самолеты перевооружили 12,7-мм и 7,62-мм пулеметами.
Republic AT-12 N55539, a rare example of the US Army advanced trainer which was adapted from Model 2PA fighter-bombers intended for Sweden.
View of the new Seversky two-seater fighter developed for the export market, showing the installation of the free Browning gun. The engine is an 850 h.p. Cyclone G. Major. Alexander de Seversky is seen "up front."
The Seversky amphibian fighter
The land-based SEV-2PA-L two-seat fighter was built for export to Japan, where it was known as the A8V1.
Схема двухместного истребителя SEV-2PA-L
Схема амфибии SEV-2PA-A
General arrangement of the Seversky Executive. The type is intended for specific duties - high-speed transport.